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Wine cork dart board

Cork dart board

Wine cork dart boards are a great investment for any household. House parties will never be the same!

So how does it work?

The wine cork dart board has two sides to it. One side is smooth and easy on the dart’s tip (so your dad doesn’t spend the whole day gluing darts back together), and one side is rough and somewhat sharp (so it sticks to the cork board better).

The general idea of throwing a dart at a cork board doesn’t sound too hard. However, think about how difficult it is when you’re on the move. Most people do not play darts while standing still, they are moving about the room. This throws everything off!

The wine cork dart board allows for freestyle fun! Take it outdoors to have a competition with your friends. Freestyle darts are just as much fun indoors, however, if you’re looking for trouble take them upstairs – being careful to not hit anyone in the head.

The wine cork dart board is a great investment for any household, and will make house parties never be the same!

How to Make a Wine Cork Dartboard


Cork (You can buy cork tiles at Home Depot for pretty cheap.)

Sharp knife or X-acto knife

Instructions: 1.  Cut the cork into circles about 3 inches in diameter, cutting with the grain of the cork. 2.  Draw a circle on your wall and start sticking the cork pieces on.

***Be sure to measure your dart before hand. This will make sure you can still play with it!

You’re done! Have fun with your new game room addition!

Where Can You Find a Lot of Wine Corks?

You can find them at any local wine shop. Just ask for a few and they’ll usually give you as many as you need.

You can also do this with an old dart board you have. Just replace the darts and it’ll be good as new!

How many wine corks make a dart board backer?

About 50 corks are needed for one dart board backer.

How to Make a Dart Board Backer out of Wine Corks

Measure the size of your new wooden dart board backer. Cut pieces of cork with an electronic circle cutter to fit on the front and back of your backer. Glue six or more cork squares onto the front side of your board. Let the glue dry completely, then hang up the backer for all to enjoy!

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