Kids dart board

Kids dart board-entertainment for the whole family!

Even the little ones and their friends can have fun and play together with a kids dartboard, which is much more fun than playing darts against each other. From children aged 5 years upwards you can introduce them to the exciting pastime of darts.

Everyone can play on the same dartboard, with soft darts. The children’s version of the popular board game is very easy to master and has its own rules of play. Whether it be around the clock (the best way to get used to it), in groups or for money – with a kids game you will have maximum fun!

Kids dart boards are usually made of plastic and come in all possible sizes. For very young players, it can be an advantage not to have too many holes for the darts, which would result in a great number of lost points. Even older children should pay attention to using smaller dartboards, since this will help them get used to throwing more precisely.

As soon as the children are able to hit the dartboard with their darts on more than 50% of all throws, they can start improving their skills by playing suitable games. But let’s not forget to have fun! It is very important that the children enjoy their first darts experience. A few helpful tips:

– Smaller boards with a maximum of six holes can be a good choice for beginners as they enable you to keep all scores more precisely.

– Beginners should pay attention to using shorter darts, which can be a bit more difficult to handle for very small children, but ensure much better results in the long run.

– It is much easier for you and your kids if the dartboard has a ring around it, which helps locate where they should stand when throwing their darts.

If you want to use different games with your kids, look out for our selection of games in this category.

All boards are available from age 5 upwards, with different board sizes to suit your needs. When buying a dartboard for children it should be remembered that the darts are usually constructed differently. You should take special care when selecting them to make sure they are perfectly safe for children’s hands and eyesight – or be 100% sure that no one will ever get hurt.

Different darts are available according to the age of the children you are playing with. With very young players, it is better to have softer darts with a blunt tip. This way they can learn how to throw properly while remaining perfectly safe. Of course, these soft dart tips also ensure that they won’t ever sink into your playing surface and cause potential damage.

For children’s darts, I would recommend the following:

– Soft tip darts with a maximum weight of 3 grams for kids aged 5 years upwards

– Butterfly or Torpedo shape – depending mainly on personal preference

– A blackboard ring (for younger children) or numbers (for older players)

The following few sections offer some helpful advice on the most important game variants. These game variants are mainly aimed at children, but they can also be played in a family with great success! The games are listed according to their degree of difficulty.

Very easy games for little ones:

– Last player to hit the board: The last person who hits a dartboard wins. This game is great for smaller children, since they have time to take aim properly before throwing their darts.

– Take turns on certain numbers: Players take turns hitting the same number with different darts until all of them have been used up. A big advantage of this game is that the parents can include themselves and play for one of the children’s numbers, thus enabling them to have a go.

– Hit back to back: Take turns by hitting consecutive double numbers with all your three darts. The best way to get 5 points is by hitting 20-20-20. What’s even better is to hit the first two doubles with your first dart and the third double with your second dart, resulting in a total of 15 points.

– One bounce games: These can be played by everyone, but due to their simplicity they are especially suited for very young children. With these games, all players get three darts to hit a double from the double-out line. The player who hits the highest number wins.

Very easy games for older children:

– Counting up from 1: Every player has two minutes to score as many points as possible in this game, and the winner is the one with the most points at the end.

– Snakes and ladders: A classic game, where players move their pieces along a “snakes and ladders” board, with each double counting as two steps forward or one step back depending on whether you hit it or miss it. The winner is the first person to reach the last square of the game board – if you manage to hit the triple 20 with your very last dart, that counts as three steps!

– Roll a die: A classic roll-and-move game for children of all ages. You can either play it on online or with a physical board – but personally, I think the online variant is better since you’re not restricted by the “snakes and ladders” board.

More difficult games for older children:

– Counting up from 1 with three darts: This game is similar to the first one, but instead of getting two minutes per turn you get three darts per turn. The winner is the one who reaches 10 points or higher

– Snakes and ladders with three darts: Again, this game is similar to the second one. The winner is the one who reaches 100 points or higher

– Roll a die with three darts: This game is similar to the third one, but instead of moving forward you move backward if you miss your triple. If you hit it, however, you get two steps forward. If you hit a double or a single, you only move forward one step!

Difficult games for older children:

– Counting up from 1 with four darts: In this game, players get two minutes to score as many points as possible with four darts per turn instead of three. The winner is the one who gets to 10 points or higher.

– Snakes and ladders with four darts: In this game, players get three minutes to score as many points as possible. The winner is the one who gets to 100 points or higher.

– Mill (darts): A mill has 27 spaces in total. Every turn consists of throwing three darts at bullseye with, the aim of moving your piece to the end of the board. Once you have moved to the final space, you win! There are three players in total – A, B and C – but this is very confusing so I would recommend choosing one person to be “A”, another one to be “B” and handing out numbers 1, 2 and 3 to the remaining players.

– Quickshot with three darts: Shot put is a classic darts game that’s usually played by adults, but it can be adapted for children as well (although I doubt that very young children could hit the required distances). You get five throws – one for each dart – and then write down the total of each dart. Whoever throws the furthest wins!

– Quickshot with four darts: This game is very similar to shot put, but instead of throwing one dart at a time you get three darts in total and whoever throws the last dart closest to the center “bullseye” wins.

X01 (darts):

The numbers 01-20 are played in a certain order, and the players have to move forward according to how many points they score. The first player has to start on 01, then the second player moves to 02 while the third player starts on 03. Whoever reaches 20 last wins!

What is the right age for a dart board?

Age 4+: There are a few games that can be played with just one dart, so this is the earliest recommended age to get a dartboard for your child(ren).

Age 8+: This is when children develop their coordination skills enough to play more difficult games, such as snake and ladders with three darts.

– Age 12+: This is when children develop their coordination skills enough to play shot put and X01, which are the most difficult dart games for kids.

What height should a dart board be for a child?

– A child dart board should be at or above the eye level of a kid or slightly lower.

– Standard height is 2 meters off the ground, but this may vary depending on what games you want to play and whether you prefer playing online (in which case any height will work) or with a physical board (in which case you should use the height recommended by the manufacturer).

– There are also adjustable dart boards, where the height can be adjusted to suit different players.

How do you use a dart board?

There are several ways to use a dart board:

1) Using it in your child’s playroom for practice or just because you like darts. If you want to use your dart board often but don’t feel like setting it up at night, try getting an adjustable board.

2) Using it for parties or events. If you usually invite friends over or host family dinners at home, getting a dart board can be a great way to break the ice and make new friends if you’re not particularly social.

3) Using it for tournaments. If your child is really good at darts, why not enter them in a tournament? Or if you would like to practice with other people who are more of an expert, join or create a local dart league!

4) Using it for family time. When all else fails, darts can be used just for fun. It’s a great way to spend time with your family without having to go anywhere, and it can really bring your family closer together.

How do you make a kids dart board?

– Make a dart board from materials around the house. There are many different DIY guides on how to make a dart board, so feel free to search them up online!

– If you can’t be bothered to do any fiddling with tools, just buy an adjustable dart board and adjust it to your kid’s height (or use the manufacturer’s recommended height).

– If you want to go all out, make a dart board in any shape you like! Whether it’s a circle or an animal or even just words and pictures. You can be as creative as you want and the only thing that matters is that your kid likes it.

– If your kids are too young for darts, buy a dart board for yourself and practice whenever you have free time. After all, once you’ve mastered darts at home, why not try joining a local league?

How do good are kids at darts compared to adults?

– Kids are about as good as average, or maybe slightly better due to their shorter height.

– Some kids are better at darts than their parents, especially those who play from a really young age.

– Some kids always end up as the winner in family tournaments because they’re just that good.

What is a fun dart game for kids? – Filling out this form and sending it to us will enter you into a contest where you can win a dart board just for you and your kids!

Are dartboards safe?

– All boards should be treated with the same safety precautions as any other sharp object.

– Make sure you and your child know how to use darts safely, or play games that do not involve throwing them around too much (like X01).

Children’s Magnetic dartboard

– A great way to experiment with magnets and darts without the danger of a dart actually going through someone’s eye.

– On a side note, this means that it’s also a great way to learn about magnetism while playing.

Kids mini dartboard

– Keep your child safe from any sharp objects by getting them their own board for their height.

– Also makes a great gift!

Best Safety dart board

– This dart board is made for kids using soft, safe materials. It’s also got little grippers to keep it in place so that the board doesn’t fly around while your child is playing with it!

Kids darts

– Comes in a big pack of 6 different colored darts for extra fun.

Kids magnetic dartboard

– A great introduction to magnets for children. Plus it comes with a stand so that your kids can place their darts anywhere they like!

Kids plastic dartboard

– A fun way to make sure your kid’s board looks the best, no matter where you decide to put it up.

– Does not come with darts. Think of this as a bonus mark for potentially making a great centerpiece or decoration!

Kids inflatable dartboard

– Not only is it a fun way to hang up your board with darts, but this inflatable one comes with its own arcade games. Just play and have fun!

Kids glow dartboard

– Glow in the dark boards are not as bright as you might think – it’s just a really cool idea.

– The darts glow in the dark too!

Kids dartboard clock

– An extra little something to add to your kid’s wall. It also acts as a great reminder for when it’s time to play with darts again!

Are Soft tip darts safe for kids? (aged 6+)

– Even if your kid is young, as long as they’re old enough to understand how to use a dartboard safely then soft tip darts are fine.

How does a kids dart board help children?

– It can really bring your family closer together. Playing darts has been known to improve cognitive ability and creativity. Plus it’s just so much fun!

What are the benefits of a kids dartboard?

– Promotes hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and cognitive development.

– It’s all around just good for your child!

Why should I buy my kid a dart board?

– A fun way to bond with them before they’re old enough to play with you.

– Helps kids develop their motor skills.

How do I start buying darts for my children?

– If your kids are young, get them a dartboard with soft tip darts so that they don’t get hurt too much if they do mess up.

What are the benefits of dart boards?

– 1) They’re great family fun. 2)They bring people closer together. 3) You can do so much with them!

– It’s just one of those fun games that everyone loves to play, no matter how good they are at it.

– Plus you can turn your game into your own personal party!

How do I get my children interested in darts?

– Try to find a board and darts that will be fun for them. Soft tip darts, magnetic boards, and colorful boards are all good ways to get kids interested in playing with you!

– You can also try getting them their own mini dartboard so they feel like they have something of their own.

– Interactive games like darts are good for getting kids involved and interested too!

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