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Darts bar

A bar where darts is played. These are often found in association with pubs and bars, but some standalone bars also exist. They may be fully functional bars that serve liquor and other drinks, or they can be dedicated dart venues that only permit non-alcoholic beverages to be served on the premises. Dedicated darts bars hold competitions where money and other prizes are awarded to the winners.

Dart bar – the game

Dart bar is a game that can be played by any number of players. A dart bar is a region on either side of an ordinary dartboard. If you are playing with people who throw darts like they throw knives, make sure to give them their own dart bar.

1. The scoring rings form a continuous track around the dart bar. On each side is a single ring worth 25 points, and separated by a thin band of metal is a slightly larger outer ring or “bulls-eye” which is 50 points.

2. Located in the very center of the dartboard is an area called the “bulls-eye” which is worth 50 points. Surrounding the bulls-eye are four circular sections, each containing three diagonal stripes and a single spot in the center. There are many names for these sections including “rings”, “triangles”, or “doubles”. Each ring has an assigned point value, increasing as the ring gets closer to the bulls-eye. The outer bullseye circle is worth 25 points, the next one inward is worth 20 points, the middle ring is worth 15 points, and the innermost ring is worth 10.

3. A dart bar can be any size and made of any material as long as it is divided into scoring sections. Most dart bars are made of cork or rubber, but it is not rare to find one made entirely of metal.

4. The game can be started by any player touching an arrow with their hand and throwing it at the dartboard. To win, a player must score exactly 21 points in three consecutive rounds by hitting the bulls-eye (3 points), an inner bulls-eye ring (2 points) and a scoring ring (1 point). If all three darts land in the same section, such as 1’s or 12’s, only one point is scored. The first player to score three rounds wins the game.

5. Dart bars can be purchased online at Amazon or found at local bars or party stores.

6. Some dart bars are weighted to prevent the darts from sliding down towards the ground, but good players prefer lightweight aluminum shafts, which give the player more control when throwing.

Darts bar leagues

Darts bar leagues are popular in the United States, often found in bars that are typically used for people who want to play games with friends or meet new people. There are several different types of dart bars including steel tip, soft tip and electronic darts. Steel tip darts require sharp, pointed tips and can be made of either brass or tungsten. Soft tip darts use a foam-like tip and electronic dartboards use sensors to determine where the player threw his/her dart.

How much do bar darts weigh?

The bestselling weight for darts is 18-22 grams. This weight allows the player to have enough control over their dart while also maintaining a high speed upon impact with the board. The standard length for bar darts are 5 inches long, but if you prefer shorter or longer darts, they can be purchased at any specialty store.

Traditional dart bars

One of the most common traditional dart sets has no board and is only used by professional players. These darts are designed for competitions and can be purchased on Amazon. They are usually made of brass or tungsten. The length of these darts vary depending on the weight of the player, but it is typically between 30 and 35 cm.

A bar player tip to winning darts games

Professional dart players have their own tips when it comes to winning a darts game. Generally it is recommended that you don’t stand too far from the board, about 2 feet away. This will give your dart enough time to fly through the air and allow it to be accurate. If you have a strong grip on your dart, you can also lean forward a little to add momentum. If you throw your dart at the right angle and speed, it should go exactly where you want it to. The best dart players in the world spend a lot of time practicing their accuracy and throwing style so they know how far to stand from the board and when to release their darts.

Because of their high popularity, darts are often used as bar games for people who want to spend time outside of the house with friends or strangers. Some dart bars are installed into the walls of a room while others are stand-alone boards. Most bars have electronic dartboards because they are easy to set up and require less maintenance than traditional boards. Electronic boards use sensors instead of wires and light-up spaces to show where a dart landed. Bars that have wooden dartboards may choose to cover them with cork or rubber as both materials allow darts to stick easily without damaging the board.

When looking for a bar, make sure it has at least one dartboard so you can invite friends over to play darts before or after dinner.

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