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How to hang a dartboard

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It is very important that you don’t have it too low or high, otherwise the darts might bounce out.

The centre of balance for a standard bristle board is 8 feet 2 1/4 inches from the floor. The bullseye should be exactly 5 feet from the floor. However, if you want to make a standard bristle board a little more challenging, you can move the center of balance back 1 inch from 8 feet 2 1/4 inches from the floor. This will cause the dartboard to tilt slightly towards whoever is throwing at it.

The most important thing to remember when hanging a dartboard is that you don’t want it too close to a wall, because the darts may bounce out.

What is the correct height for hanging a dart board?

A dartboard should be hung at an appropriate height for all players. This is usually around 5 feet 8 inches high, but it can vary according to personal preference. To get the best experience, try standing back from the board while throwing to get a better view of what you are doing and then move in closer when you need to score your throw.

There are some other things that you also need to ensure that you have nearby before hanging your dartboard. You will need a dart board surround or dartboard cabinet to protect the wall from darts, as well as some dart flights and dart stems for all of your darts. A scoring aid can be useful too!

If you follow these steps and make sure you have all of these items in place, you will be ready to practice your throwing technique and show off your new skills to all of your friends.

How to Protect Your Walls?

When the area around your dart board will be subject to wear and tear from darts. If you want your room to look nice, you’ll need to purchase a dartboard surround or dartboard cabinet. This is typically just a framed wooden box that you put the dartboard in, but it’s completely worth it if you don’t want to have holes in your wall.

The most important part of the dartboard cabinet is that it’s at least 4 inches thick, which will protect the wall from stray darts.

How to protect your floor from the darts.

There are also a variety of dart board floor protectors that can be used to stop your wall from being damaged from the darts. These include cork, rubber and plastic bumpers as well as magnetic dartboard surrounds. In addition, you should find out if your friends or family members have any preferences before hanging it up so that you can choose one that fits in with the décor of the room.

Constructing a dart board surround.

It is very important to construct your dartboard surround correctly, otherwise it may become unsafe for use. A typical dartboard surround should have some space between the wall and the board to stop people from being accidentally hit by darts that bounce out.

In addition, the surround should be made from a material that is not flammable so it doesn’t catch fire when darts hit it. It is also likely to get damaged over time due to being hit by darts and so regular inspection may be necessary. In particular, you should check for any protruding nails, screws or similar, which might cause injury.

The dartboard surround that you construct should be attached to the wall by four nails or screws, each of which ought to be equally spaced apart and go into a stud in the wall. If your wall is made from plasterboard it may not be suitable for hanging a dartboard, but if your wall is made from a wooden stud you can hang a dartboard surround from it successfully.

How to determine your throw line.

It is important that you measure your dartboard carefully before deciding on where to hang it. The throw-line (where you should stand when throwing darts) can vary according to personal preference, but it is usually around 9 feet 8 inches away from the board. This distance will ensure that your darts travel fast enough and won’t bounce out of the board when hitting it. In comparison, the bullseye is much closer to the throw-line at around 6 feet 9 inches from it.

How to fix a bristle dartboard to the wall.

In order to hang your bristle dartboard securely you will need a few tools and some strong nails or screws. If you have a dartboard surround, make sure you take it down before hanging the board on its own.

First of all, use a spirit level to accurately determine where to put your nails or screws in the wall. Then drill a hole deep enough for each screw or nail and push them into place through the dartboard and into the wall. Finally, turn each screw or nail gently in the same direction in order to ensure that they are sturdy in place.

How to hang a wooden dartboard cabinet on the wall.

Hanging a dartboard cabinet is very similar to hanging a standard bristle dartboard, but you should use much stronger nails or screws. Drill into your studs in the wall and push the screws or nails through. Then turn them gently in a clockwise direction to ensure they are fixed securely in place.

Finally, hang your dartboard cabinet on the nails or screws so that it is ready for use. You may need a friend to help you lift it carefully onto the wall while you keep hold of each side. Then you can add your dartboard surround if you have one and your dartboard cabinet will be ready to play on.

How high should I hang a bristle dartboard?

There is more of a range in the height at which you can hang a standard bristle dartboard, but it depends on personal preference. It usually sits around 5 feet 10 inches to 7 feet 2 inches off the ground. It is usually best to measure your proposed location before deciding on the height so that it fits in with your other furniture and decorations.

How high should I hang a wooden dartboard?

The height at which you hang a wooden dartboard depends on the size of the board itself, as well as your own preference. There is a general rule that the height should be at least 7 feet 3 inches high, but some dartboards are actually hung as high as 9 feet 10 inches from the ground. If you have a large room with plenty of space then you may want to go for a particularly high board position.

When should I re-hang my dartboard?

Due to usage, your bristle dartboard will start to warp over time. It is possible that the board may even catch fire if you play for too long with a warped one. You can avoid this by regularly checking that your board isn’t damaged and re-hanging it if necessary. The best way to check if your bristle board needs to be re-hung is by measuring the distance between the bullseye and the throws line. If this number increases significantly then it may need re-hanging.

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