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Dart Board Measurements

The standard dartboard is a radius of 18 inches and scored in multiples of 2. Dartboards vary according to which region they belong to and how the game is played in that area. The main difference is what distance from it you throw your darts.

For the British Isles, the standard distance for throwing your darts is 7ft 9 1/4 inches (2.37m) from the board and you score your points accordingly.

In North America, the standard distance is 8ft 9in (2.67m) and scored in multiples of 1 . The darts thrown for this distance are usually less heavy than British darts and smaller in diameter.

For Central Europe and South America, the standard distance is 9ft (2.76m) and scored in multiples of 2 . The darts thrown for this distance are larger and heavier than British or North American darts.

In Asia and Australia the standard distance is 10ft (3.05m) and scored in multiples of 3. The darts thrown for this distance are the largest and heaviest darts of all, with a flat stem to fit into your barrel.

The weight of each dart gives you greater control over how it flies through the air. A heavy dart means it will need a greater momentum to make it through the air, thus giving you more control over the angles of your throw. Similarly, light darts are lighter and therefore fly faster but require less force.

What distance do professional darts players throw from?

Most professional darts players throw from the standard distance of 7ft 9 1/4 inches for scoring.

However, there are many different variations that professional darts players play by because it’s all just a game! The ‘standard’ rules as such don’t always apply and you could find yourself playing with your friends at home where any rule set can be applied to suit the experience, for instance a darts distance of 10ft or 8ft 9 in.

How is dart throw line measured?

The distance to the dartboard from where you stand is measured in a straight line from the bullseye. To ensure accuracy, weight needs to be hung on a piece of string and placed exactly between the two spots that you are going to throw from. The string will then show you how much distance there is between both points for throwing your darts. This is crucial because if you are throwing your dart into one of the small outer rings you will get more points than if you had thrown it in the inner circle, for example. If you are throwing from an unusual distance then don’t worry, there is always a way to score…

How can I measure my ‘darts distance?

…on the dartboard! The dividing line between each section is known as ‘the oche’, and it’s the place where you stand to throw your darts. It’s important that you get this right because by not standing at ‘the oche’ you might find yourself scoring less than expected, if at all. On a professional level, the oche is usually 6 inches (15.24 cm) from the board, but this can vary depending on which league you are playing in.

On a standard dartboard there are 20 numbered segments between the bullseye and the outer edge of each ring that will score you points when hit with your darts. The section that covers most of the board is the treble twenty, with three arrows pointing to it. If you hit this area of the board you will score 60 points for your darts.

What is regulation distance for darts?

There is no standard regulation distance for darts, only the distance that you personally find comfortable. The most common distances are 6, 7 and 8 ft (1.83, 2.13 and 2.44m) away from the board when throwing 9 – 18 grams of weight depending on skill level. For beginners I would suggest 6ft (1.8m) or 7ft (2.13m). The weight of your dart must be 18g to 28g, depending on what you find comfortable.

How to mark dartboard throwing distance on carpet?

First, measure the distance between your two hands while holding them apart at shoulder width. Mark this distance on your carpet with some tape or a pen. From the center of each hand mark you will want to draw an arrow to the edge of your dartboard so that both arrows are pointing directly away from each other. This way any darts thrown are in a straight line.

How to fix dartboard throwing distance from rug?

First, you will want to find the exact middle of your dartboard. Trace a circle around this point with a pen to mark it. Now, for both sides of your dartboard, tape down two pieces of string that are close together but not touching. The endpoint should be exactly on the center of where you marked your circle. Then, with a weight, suspend the string until they are both perfectly horizontal. Now you have your standard dartboard throwing distance.

What is the maximum distance we can shoot a dart?

It’s not possible to use a dartboard from the maximum distance because it is too difficult. In fact, you’re only allowed 3 meters when playing darts in official competitions. During training sessions it is common practice to play at a higher distance which may be around 5-6 meters or more, but during an actual game you will need to be closer to the board.

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