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How to score darts – a guide for beginners


Darts is a fun and easy game that anyone can learn. The basic idea of playing darts is to score points by throwing three darts at a dartboard in the fewest number of throws. Sounds simple enough right, well it is at first but as you get better and more advanced at darts you will soon learn that scoring is the hardest part of playing. Especially if you don’t know how to score darts properly.

Most people who play darts will try different methods for remembering their scores between throws, for example some people will count each dart that they threw and write down the score on their scoresheet. This is fine if you are just starting out, but as you start getting better at darts you will find it easier to use a more simplified method for scoring darts.

The best way to score darts is by using what’s known as the ‘unit’ system. The unit system is a very simple way to score darts and all you have to do is keep a mental note of how many darts it takes you to hit each number. For example, if it takes you two darts to hit the 20 then use ‘2’ as your unit for scoring purposes.

Once you have hit the 20 with two darts you would then score the next number that you hit.

20-4 (16 points)

Once you get better at scoring darts then you can start using ‘doubles’ to your advantage when scoring darts, for example if it takes one dart to hit the 10 you would use ‘1’ as your unit of scoring. But if it took two darts to hit the 10 you would make your unit ‘2’.

10-1 (9 points)

So in short, when ever you hit a double with your darts then just add one unit to your score for that number. So if it takes 2 darts to hit the double 20, then use ‘3’ as your unit of scoring.

20-4 (16 points)

30-6 (24 points)

40-8 (32 points)

If it takes one dart to hit a triple then just use the number of your next triple as your unit of scoring. For example, if you hit the 30 with one dart and score 24 points, you would make your unit ‘3’

20-1 (19 points)

30-4 (26 points)

40-6 (36 points)

If you ever hit a double and a triple with the same dart then you must use the next highest value as your unit of scoring. For example, if you hit a triple 20 with one dart and a double 20 with your second dart you would make your unit score ‘4’ for the 20.

20-1 (19 points)

30-3 (27 points)

40-5 (35 points)

50-7 (42 points)

The best thing about using the unit score method is that you will be able to keep track of your scoring very easily, since you just have to keep a mental note of how many darts it takes you to hit each number. This is especially useful if you are playing in a pub where there can be a lot going on and people shouting out scores.

How do you play basic darts?

Once you get your darts and a board you will need to know how to play the game of Darts. The object is simple: hit the bullseye or closest number under it on the dartboard, three times. You score points for getting closer than the opponent’s score, and they strike first in each round. Determine who strikes first with a “throw-off.” The first player throws two darts and the second player takes their turn. The winner is the person who hits either closest to or scores higher than the bullseye/closest number under it on the Dartboard for 3 consecutive rounds. If both players tie, each gets one additional throw until someone wins and strikes first.

To play each round, you need to determine who strikes first. To do this, both players throw 2 darts at the dartboard simultaneously with their opponent calling heads or tails. If one player hits lower than their opponent’s score, they get to go last in that round. Darts games typically continue for 20 rounds so the player with the higher score at the end of 20 rounds wins. The first round is traditionally played 301, but many players agree that this rule should be changed to 501, as it makes a more challenging game for beginners and skilled dart players alike.

What is the easiest way to score darts?

Scoring darts is a simple process. Score with units, which correspond to the number of darts needed to hit that number. So, for example if it takes 2 darts to hit the 20 point target, score each dart as ‘2’. Every time you hit a double or triple with the same throw add one unit and use the next highest number as your unit of scoring.

However the best way to score darts is to use a dart scoreboard. This will help you keep track of where you are in the game without relying on memory, which can cause problems with distractions or drunkenness! There are various ways that this can be done, but most people simply mark up the board with a pen or pencil.

If you are looking for more darts tips then check out the other articles on this site. Good luck with your scoring!

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