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What happens in darts when you go over – called a Bust

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A Bust happens when you go over in darts. All the good and bad that come with it. Let’s take a look at what happens when you go over and how to avoid busting in your next game!

What is a bust in darts?

When you go over in darts, it can be a very good or bad thing. If you are shooting for your legs and you hit the board hard, then you will get a good score. In other words, if you make contact with the board hard enough, there’s a good chance that your dart will stick past the bullseye. This is called busting. If you miss your intended target by going over, then it will often result in a negative score of zero. The best way to avoid busting is to bounce your dart on the board and make sure it stays close to where your intended target was. This way, there’s less risk of missing entirely!

Darts Bust Examples

Busts often happen when you have the perfect dart and it’s just not going your way. You might go over a couple times in a row before finally getting it to stick. You might be throwing darts for years and never experience a Bust. However, if an experienced player is on the other side of the table, they may bust on one shot that you hit perfectly! A Bust can also happen when you’re throwing well and suddenly something goes wrong with your grip. Maybe you lose your grip and the dart flies out of your hand, or maybe you find yourself using too much force trying to throw a dart further than usual. When things like this happen, unlucky players are often left without enough points to win their game.

How To Not Bust in Darts?

The most important thing to remember is that you must always be aware of the dartboard. If you want to avoid busting, it is important to keep your eye on the dartboard and the game at all times. If someone darts in front of you, give them a warning tap with your finger (the hand not holding the dart) and then ask them to step back. Another way to avoid busting is by focusing on hitting the bull’s-eye. The best way to do this is by not letting yourself lean over too far and not worrying about where the dart goes as long as it stays in the center.

how to throw darts

how to throw darts

Does busting in darts end your turn?

If you bust in darts, it does not end your turn. Instead, you are given another chance to hit the bullseye. However, this doesn’t mean that you can be careless and jump right back into the game without any consequences. A Bust comes with a physical consequence of needing to clear your throat and spit out the dart that went over the line. After you’ve done so, you can continue on to complete a turn and even potentially achieve a perfect game!

What happens if you bust in 301?

The first thing that happens is that you need to pay double the amount of your stake to the player who won. That’s right, if you were playing 100/100 you would now be playing 200/200. The second thing that happens is that all the players in the game will re-shoot, and it’s possible they could get a better score so they can now win their previous stake back.

What happens when you bust in 501?

When you Bust in 501, it means that your score is more than 299 and more than the next best score. The player who busts in 501 is out of the game. Everyone else has to play another round, with a new randomly selected starting point called a “stand”. If you Bust in 501, you’re out of the tournament! So how do you avoid it? It’s not easy, but there are ways to lower your odds. Here are our top 5 tips for avoiding Busts: 1) Control where you stand 2) Stay focused on what’s happening around you at all times 3) Aim for high ring-outs only 4) Avoid going for doubles 5) Don’t take risks

Can you bust in Cricket darts?

You can! A Bust happens when the dart doesn’t land in the intended target area, which is usually called a bull’s-eye. The most common reason for a Bust is that you go over the target, which means that your dart doesn’t hit the board and it goes into the air.

You definitely know what happens when you go over in darts – it’s called a Bust! It’s one of those frustrating things that happens to everyone playing darts at one point or another. But can you really bust in Cricket darts? Let’s find out…

A Bust means that you didn’t hit any of your three targets on the dartboard while playing Cricket darts. In cricket, this typically occurs because the player misses his intended target and goes over instead. This often happens because of poor technique or bad aim while throwing your dart. You may also have an issue with one of your three fingers causing you to miss all three targets on your first throw and then go over after missing just one more time on subsequent throws.
The game ends when one person has no more points left either by going out due to going bust, hitting zero (0), or running out of their turn and not being able to score any points for their team (not including side outs).

what happens when a dart falls out of the board?

When a dart falls out of the board, it is called a Bust. This means that you went over and did not hit the line. A Bust means that an arm straightens out and some tension is released from the muscles in your body. It can also mean that you are using poor technique, going too fast, or off-balance. If you keep practicing with good form and speed, your chances of busting will decrease.

Do darts count if they fall out?

Darts do not count if they fall out of your hand. If you cannot see your dart and it falls out, it is considered a Bust.

An example of darts 180’s to bust


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