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Duh. Well, let’s start with what I think is the best cabinet for a dartboard: the one you have in your kitchen…

No, but seriously. There are so many cabinets out there that it can be difficult to choose which one to buy and where to place it in your pub or rec room. Let’s face it, if you’re going to have a dartboard in your house, you might as well make the most of it and get a cabinet to put it in.

There are a few things to consider when buying a cabinet. The first is size. You want to make sure that the cabinet will fit in the room you plan to put it in. We’ll come back to size, though, because it should be the last thing you consider…

Everything else is just detail – and there’s plenty of that: steel doors vs wood doors; shelves vs no shelves; colors and finishes. And then once you think you’ve decided on the perfect cabinet for your dartboard, there’s always the question of whether to get a refurbished cabinet or buy new one.

You could even go for both! (referring to “then there’s always the question of whether to get a refurbished cabinet or buy new”)

But let’s start with size.

How big is a dart board cabinet?

Size is important because the size of your dartboard is important. If you get a cabinet that’s too big, it will look ridiculous and leave wasted space all over the place. But if it’s too small, your dartboard won’t fit!

A regulation sized dart board is 18″ in diameter. So let’s go with that for now – just know that if you plan on getting a bigger or smaller dartboard cabinet, you’ll have to adjust accordingly.

When it comes to dart board cabinets, bigger is better.

How big should a dartboard cabinet be?

The bigger the better! Let’s go with 24″ x 28″ for our example size. What matters here is that your darts get what they need: room to move. A cabinet that’s too small won’t do your darts justice.

But don’t go too big, either. You don’t want a cabinet that’s so large it becomes the focal point of the room – and you definitely don’t want one that takes up more space than your dartboard!

Finding the right cabinet size is important.

You should probably use the biggest dartboard cabinet your house can fit… but not too big.

How do you hang a wooden dartboard cabinet?

There are a few different ways to hang a dartboard cabinet. The most common is to use screws or nails to attach the cabinet to the wall. You’ll want to make sure the cabinet is level before you hang it.

Another way to hang a cabinet is to use brackets. This can be a good option if you want to be able to take your cabinet down.

You can also hang a cabinet from hinges. This allows you to fold the cabinet against the wall when it’s not in use.

Does a dartboard cabinet come with darts?

In general, no. You’ll need to get darts separately – but there are some cabinets that do come with darts included! Just read the product details to see what it includes.

What are dart scoreboards?

A dart scoreboard is a chalkboard or tablet that’s used to keep track of darts games. Some dart cabinets come with dart scoreboards, but you can also buy them separately. Dart scoreboards are typically hung on the wall so you’ll need some type of mounting hardware.

How do you secure a dartboard to a cabinet?

There are a few ways to do this. One way is to use a dartboard cabinet mount, which is a metal plate that attaches to the back of the dartboard and screws into the cabinet. Another way is to use push pins or velcro to attach the dartboard to the cabinet.

Do I need a light in my dartboard cabinet?

It can be useful to have a light in your dartboard cabinet, but it’s not necessary. If you do decide to use a light with your dartboard cabinet, make sure the dartboard is mounted at eye level. If you have children or pets who may play with the darts, keep them away from the light bulb.

Welcoming guests

Your dartboard cabinet is also a great place to store your darts . This will keep them out of the way when they’re not in use, and it makes them easy to find when you want to play. Cabinet doors are nice for keeping your darts safe, but many people prefer open storage because closed cabinets can lead to dampness and mold growth.

In addition, dartboard cabinets can be made from a wide variety of materials. There are even some wooden models that resemble small bookshelves , which makes them a good fit for those whose idea of decorating includes darts as well as books. In general, wood is a good material for dartboard cabinets because it’s sturdy and won’t easily scratch or dent.

If you’re looking for a cabinet that will really stand out, there are some models that come with colorful designs or even built-in lights. These can add a bit of extra pizzazz to your game room and may even help you play better! Scoring machines are also available in some models, making it easier to keep track of your progress.

When you’re choosing a dartboard cabinet , it’s important to consider where you plan to place the board and how much space you have in that area. Some cabinets are designed for easy storage when not in use , while others are freestanding and may not fit easily into smaller rooms. If you have a small game room, choose one that doesn’t take up too much space, either by being narrow or having an adjustable height design.

If your dartboard cabinet needs to match other furniture in the room, there are many models available with finishes that will coordinate nicely with wooden tables or other cabinets, or you may even wish to paint your cabinet to match the existing décor.

The dartboard’s location will also play a role in what type of cabinet is ideal for your game room. Some are designed for wall-mounting , while others are free-standing models that can be placed anywhere in the room. If you have a large collection of dart sets and other equipment, a bench-style cabinet can leave room for everything except the board itself.

Which is better – a wooden dartboard cabinet or a metal one?

That’s a tough question! It really depends on your personal preference. Wooden dartboard cabinets typically look nicer, but metal ones are more durable. You’ll also want to consider the climate you live in – if it’s very humid, wood may not be the best option.

How do I choose the right dartboard cabinet?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a dartboard cabinet:

-The size of the cabinet – you’ll want to make sure there’s enough room for the dartboard and your darts

-The type of material – wood, metal, or plastic

-Whether or not the cabinet has other storage options – do you want it to be able to hold beverages or other items?

How should I clean my dartboard cabinet?

Cleaning your dartboard cabinet should generally be done about once a month. Simply remove the dartboard and wipe down the inside of the cabinet with a damp.

How do you secure a dartboard to a cabinet?

Many dartboard cabinets will come with pre-installed hardware which is specifically designed to fasten the board securely to the inside of the cabinet. If your cabinet does not allow for this, there are usually pegs or hooks on the back of a standard dartboard that can be screwed into place.

If you’re going to put a dartboard cabinet in a room with children, you’ll want to make sure it’s well-secured to the wall. This will help prevent accidents and injuries.

Can I store anything in my dartboard cabinet?

Dartboard cabinets are not meant for storage – they are simply for displaying your dartboard. If you need extra storage space, you may want to consider investing in a different type of cabinet or shelving unit.

No matter which type of dartboard cabinet you choose, make sure it’s big enough to hold your dartboard and any other accessories you may want to keep in there. Cabinets can vary in size, so be sure to check the dimensions before you buy. You’ll also want to make sure the cabinet is the right width and height for the spot where you plan to put it.

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