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Dartboard dimensions

Dart board measurements

Dart board dimensions are an important part of having a dartboard. If the target has different dimensions, it could affect how well you can play darts or even if you are able to accurately shoot at the dartboard itself. It is important to know what the rules are for your playing location.

In the United States, dart boards are typically hung from a height of five feet nine inches up to seven feet one inch off the ground. The outer bullseye is two and a half inches in diameter while the innermost circle is just one and a quarter inches in diameter. The standard playing area of the dartboard is twenty-one inches in diameter, though many boards come with an optional three-inch extension. A standard dartboard has nineteen segments or triads; each triad contains one outer bullseye, 7 doubles and 2 bullseye.

What is the distance from dartboard to throw line?

The standard distance from the dartboard to the throw line is 7′ 9-3/4″ or 2.37 meters. This varies from one location to another, with some being shorter and others being longer.

In North America [and in most parts of Canada], a regulation dartboard has a six inch series of either single or double rings which serve as numbers for scoring purposes. A dartboard should be hung at a maximum height of 7 feet and nine inches and a minimum height of five feet and nine inches. It is important to also make sure that the dartboard is centered on the cork backing board; this means ensuring that half of it hangs over each side of the board.

There is also a specific way that darts should be thrown in North America; they vary from British and Canadian rules. Using English-style darts, players throw three darts per turn. Players must start with their own set of three darts and cannot use any darts belonging to opponents or other teammates that are not currently throwing. Players throw one dart at a time and can throw their three darts in any order.

When the thrower is not throwing it is important that they remain behind the ‘throwing line’. The throwing line should be seven feet nine and a quarter inches from the tip of the dartboard or two meters. Each round has a maximum time limit of five minutes and fifty seconds, but the players must set their own pace. The server determines who begins each round by throwing a dart; he or she can also call out the first number of the score to be recorded on the scoreboard.

What size is a full size dart board?

A full-sized dart board is 18 inches in diameter. This is the regulation size for all darts games that are played in England. The standard size of a dartboard has twenty-four segments or circles, with each circle representing one point. There are four different coloured areas on the board; these are red, green, blue and yellow.

The outermost ring is red; this circle signifies where the double section of each player’s score is placed. The next circle in is green; this area shows where the single part of each player’s score is located. The third circle on the game board is blue and it contains all of the main numbers that can be thrown at while playing the game, such as twenty and sixteen. The final inner circle is yellow and this signifies where the treble section of each player’s score goes.

The center of a full-size dartboard is referred to as the bullseye; it contains no numbers or colours. If players manage to hit any other areas on the board they are awarded points. The numbers twenty, fifteen and ten are the important ones to remember as they must be scored down from inside out. For example, if a player hits the innermost treble section of these three numbers he or she is only given credit for scoring sixty-one points rather than seventy-five.

A standard dartboard has a three-inch extension around its edges. The main purpose of this is to provide players with a space to safely stand while they are throwing their darts. In North America [and in most parts of Canada], the dartboard should be hung at a maximum height of seven feet and nine inches [2.37 meters] and hung from a proper support that is attached to the wall. The standard darts length [in North America] measures nineteen and three-quarter inches [49.85 cm].

What size is a mini dart board?

A standard mini dart board is seven inches in diameter. This size makes the game perfect for children who are just learning to play darts. A mini dartboard can either be hung or placed on a flat surface, but it should always be kept at eye level so that players have no problem seeing how far their darts have traveled. Another important thing to consider with a mini dartboard is that rules and regulations change depending on the age of players. For example, most parents would prefer their children not to use sharp darts as they pose more of a danger than rubber tipped ones.

A typical mini dartboard has twenty segments as opposed to twenty-four; this includes all outermost rings and the center. Due to the small size of a mini dartboard, there are no separate sections for treble and double scores on this type of board.

How to set up a dart doard

It is important that a dartboard is hung at eye level, as if it hangs too high or too low on the wall players may not be able to see properly. The correct height of a dartboard can also encourage players to hold their darts slightly differently and help prevent them from throwing ‘off’.

The best place for a dartboard is in a dry, indoor room. If it is placed outdoors, the board should be sheltered from the rain and other weather conditions because this can affect how well darts stick to it. It is also important that players do not throw their darts at the dartboard when the surface of it is wet or damp; they may become damaged and stop sticking to the board.

At the end of a game, every dart should be removed from a dartboard and then placed back on it in their original positions. Players need to make sure that no darts are left leaning against the board or lying on its surface [as this is unsightly]. After all darts have been collected from the playing area, players should also wipe down the board with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime that they left on it.

Disassembling Multiple Dart Boards

Multiple dart boards can be disassembled for storage purposes. However, it should not take more than five minutes to mount them back on the wall at any given time. When these boards are taken down, players need to hold onto all of the darts so that they do not get lost or damaged when the game is stored in a cupboard or in the corner of a room.

Multiple Dart Board Dimensions

The dart board is 7’9″ x 10’6″. Each frame contains 24 compartments. The boards are made out of ply-plastic and total weight is about 90 lbs. Each frame has 6 darts that weigh 18 grams each that are secured to the back of each compartment. The darts have a spoon shape which allows for easy removal.

A dart board that is hung on the wall should always be kept at eye level so that players can’t throw their darts too high or low, making it impossible to score correctly. It is also important that the playing area of this game is well lit for optimal visibility, especially when players are aiming for the bull’s eye.

The dimensions of a dartboard vary depending on the manufacturer and the style that is being used. For example, a standard North American dartboard has a height of 18 inches [45 cm] and a diameter of 1 foot [30.4 cm]. However, there are smaller board sizes available which have a diameter of 18 inches [45 cm] and a height of 14 inches [35.5 cm]. This size makes the game perfect for children who are just learning to play darts. A mini dartboard can either be hung or placed on a flat surface, but it should always be kept at eye level so that players have no problem seeing how far they need to throw the darts.

A dartboard that is mounted on a wall should always be kept as dry as possible to prevent it from splitting or warping. Once a dart has been thrown, all players must make sure that they remove it from the board and place it back in its hole before ending a game. It is also important for the dartboard to be wiped down with a damp cloth after each game to ensure that no dirt or grime is left on it.


Dartboards are used for all levels of players. From young children who are learning how to throw darts, to avid dart enthusiasts that compete in tournaments on a regular basis. A dartboard is an excellent way for people to keep track of their scores and improve their throwing abilities over time. It also encourages individuals to interact with one another because games are played against an opponent.

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