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What is the difference between soft and steel tip darts?

soft tip dart on a steel tip board

The most important difference between soft tip darts and steel tip darts is the weight of the dart. Soft tip darts are much lighter than steel tip darts.

The other main differences are in the length, barrel diameter, flight design, shafts, tips and grips.

1) The most important part to consider when choosing between a soft tip dart and a steel tip dart is weight. Since the weight of a soft tip dart often varies, you need to know the exact weight for a certain type of dart before purchasing it.

2) The length of a soft tip or steel tip dart differs as well, with 3 specific lengths: 13-15⁄16 inches (34.5-39.4 cm) length, 18 inches (46 cm) length and 21-1⁄16 inch (54.0 cm) length darts are available for both soft tip and steel tip darts). The barrel diameter of a soft tip dart is usually .495 inches (12 cm), while the steel tip dart barrel diameter is usually between .500 and .550 inches (12-14 cm).

3) The flight design of a soft tip dart and a steel tip dart differs as well. While both types of darts use flights with three wings, the shape and size of these wings varies between steel tip and soft tip darts. The weight of the steel tip dart is distributed more evenly than on soft tip darts, which tend to be top-heavy.

4) Shafts are where you can really see the difference between a steel tip dart and soft tip dart. Steel tip darts use metal shafts that are generally thinner than those found on soft tip darts. Soft tip darts shafts are usually made of plastic, wood or carbon fiber.

5) The tips of a soft tip dart and a steel tip dart also differ greatly in that they both have different weights and sizes. Steel tip darts use larger and heavier tips than soft tip darts. Soft tips for steel darts can be more accurately described as “micro points” or “micro weights”.

6) The grip of a steel tip or soft tip dart differs in that it tends to be longer and bulkier on a steel tip dart than a soft tip dart. Normally, a soft tip dart does not have a knurling pattern, while the barrel of a steel is almost always grooved with small knurling lines.

The handgrips used on both darts are also completely different, with soft tip darts using neoprene grips and steel tip darts using plastic grips. Another gripping difference between the two dart types is that the steel tip dart is almost always held between three fingers while a soft tip dart can be held in many different ways.

7) While part of the final cost, there are other things to consider when buying a soft tip or steel tip dart. For one, you have to decide if you want reusable darts or non-reusable darts. Reusable darts are great for people who are just starting out with throwing themselves or others because they will last a very long time. Non-reusable darts are typically cheaper, but they don’t last as long and you will have to buy replacements eventually.

There are also many places you can buy darts from including online, in stores or through private sellers on Ebay or Craigslist. While it is good to know which dart to get before buying it, getting to choose where you purchase it from is also a plus for many people.

Are Soft tip darts safer?

Soft tip darts are safer than steel tip darts because they don’t have any metal parts. Many people believe that soft tip darts cause less pain and injury than steel tip ones, but this is not entirely true. Soft tips can be made to hurt you as much as a steel ones and it all comes down to the amount of power you put into the throw.

So, Are Soft tip darts safer? They are safer than steel tips because there is less chance of getting injured if your dart get stuck in something or someone but they can cause pain and injury like a steel tip dart.

Can we replace soft tips with steel tips?

The answer is a definite no. Playing with steel tip darts can cause injury and because there are softer dart alternatives available, it would be much safer to use those instead. Plenty of people have been injured playing darts over the years so if you want to ensure your safety as well as not causing pain or damage to other people, soft tip darts are the way to go.

Conclusion: Soft tips are safer than steel tips they are good for beginners and it’s always better to have a softer tip on dartboard because it last longer. Soft tip darts are safe when you play with someone who doesn’t know how to throw they won’t hurt anyone unless you want them too. This is a recommendation for you to buy soft tip darts because it will last longer. Steel tips are dangerous when you’re playing with them on the wall or any other place.

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