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Can you protect the wall when playing darts?

protect the wall

Some of you might be thinking, isn’t it obvious to use a dartboard wall protector? Well, it turns out not everyone uses one. We got asked this question so many times by customers that we thought we would write an article about it. If you are playing darts with friends or at the pub and they don’t offer a protective shield to prevent your darts from striking the wall and leaving a hole or marks, you should bring your own dartboard wall protector. We offer several different types of high-quality acrylic dartboard wall protectors to suit any taste and space requirements.

There are three main types of durable, thick clear acrylic dart board protective shields: – Dart boards that attach to the board. Hanging and free-standing dart boards: ideal for pubs and bars that do not want to damage their walls while still providing a protective shield. While these do protect your wall, I recommend to lean it against the wall instead of hanging it. – Extra thick 50mm / 2in dartboard wall protector. This is the strongest dartboard wall protector on the market and can even be used to lean against a wall if you want.

Dartboard Cabinet as a Protector

Dartboard Cabinets: these are not always a great solution when you play darts at home, but when playing in a pub or bar they add extra advantages such as the ability to add scoreboards and also save space.

So if you want to keep your wall looking nice and clean I recommend bringing your own dartboard shield and leaning it against the wall instead of hanging, that way you won’t damage your walls and can still protect yourself from other players that don’t use a protective shield.

Dartboard Surround as Protector

Dartboard Surrounds: these are great if you want to protect the wall but also add extra style to your game. This dartboard surrounds come in different shapes and sizes so it is important to order the one that fits your needs best. Dartboard surrounds can be used in bars, homes or even for industrial use. They are made tough with high-quality materials and are easy to install. These protectors can be used with any type of dartboard including bristle, electronic or sisal fiberboards.

Old Doors as Protector

Old Doors: if you are looking for a cheap solution to protect your wall, old doors can be used. Simply put an old door against the wall and it will do the trick. We have even seen people use tables or additional boards of wood to help keep them straight.

Use an Acrylic Dartboard Wall Sleeve for A Professional Look

An acrylic dartboard wall sleeve is another great option for protecting your walls from being damaged. It can be used on any type of dart board, including the new electronic dart boards. These are best used when playing at home with friends because they do not offer much space to store scoreboards or set up additional equipment.

Styrofoam as Protector of your wall

Styrofoam: this is a great option if you want to protect your wall and do not want anything to damage it. This works best for bristle boards, but can also work with electronic dartboards by placing the board inside of an old suitcase or box that you don’t use anymore.

This will keep the board in place while keeping it upright.

Polystyrene Insulation as Protector of your wall

Polystyrene insulation: if you are looking for an alternative to styrofoam, this is your best option. This can be also used with electronic dart boards by keeping them in their original box or suitcase. Some people use foam pipe insulation and others even use corrugated polystyrene panels to make sure the board does not move an inch.

Carpet as Protector of your wall

Carpet: this is a great way to protect your wall if you are playing darts at home with friends. Simply roll out some carpeting on the floor and have the darts bounce off of it so they don’t hit your walls. This is best used when playing with bristle boards because electronic dartboards aren’t affected by bouncing darts off of the carpet.

Carpet Underlay as Protector of your wall

Carpet underlay: this is a high-density foam that is installed underneath expensive carpets so they don’t get damaged by heavy traffic and furniture. These are great for people who want to protect their walls without using any type of bristle board wall protector

. This product can be used for all types of dartboards and is a great option so your wall stays looking good.

You can also use a Rubber Floor as Protector

Rubber Floors: these are durable, tough pieces of rubber that keep the carpet from damage due to heavy traffic or furniture being dragged across it. These are great because they protect your wall while keeping the ground safe.

Old Clothes as Protector of your wall

Old Clothes: we have seen people use old clothes to protect their walls, but of course the problem with these is that you don’t want darts going through your favorite shirt. If you can get a friend to wear it and face the wall then you should be fine and won’t damage your wall.

If you are playing in a bar or at a work, you can leave your score on the wall to keep track of how many darts you have left. You can also play in teams and follow normal rules but instead of scoring each dart stroke counts as one point towards the team total. This is a great way to add some fun and excitement to any dart game. If you are playing darts for money, it is important to keep track of the score so you don’t have to waste time figuring it out later.

This can be done by using high-quality dartboards or with chalkboards that are easily cleaned off at the end of the game. This will be a lot more fun than keeping an official tally on your phone or smart device because it gives your friends something to compete with and will make for a more exciting game.

Hard Materials as Protector of your wall  Playing Darts

Keeping your wall in good shape when playing darts can be done by simply using a dart mat to protect it. You can get these cheap at most online stores for less than $10, which makes them an extremely cheap way to protect your wall without having to purchase any other materials. These are very effective because they cover the entire board and prevent darts from bouncing off of the wall and damaging it.

Dartmats as Protector of your wall

Another great option for people who want to protect their walls while playing darts is a dart mat. You can get these at most stores and they do not cost very much and will fit around any size board. These are also great because they protect the wall and the board at the same time.

Dartboard Backboard as Protector of your wall

There are also backboards for dartboards that will protect your walls from damage, but these can be expensive depending on what type you want to use. These are great if you just want to keep darts off of your walls because they come in all different sizes to fit any dartboard.

Bristle Board Protector as Protector of your wall

The bristle board protector is made for people who are looking for an affordable way to protect their walls without causing too much damage on the price tag. A lot of these will be damaged by darts because they are not very thick, but they can be thrown out and replaced when they get old or damaged. Some of the bristle board protectors will also come with a dartboard so you can protect your wall and play darts at the same time, but these games usually don’t last too long because darts tend to pop them up.

As you can see, there are many great ways to keep your wall safe while still enjoying the game of darts. You should always bring your own protection when playing darts in a pub or bar just in case they do not have any available. With all these different types of shields and protectors available, you will easily be able to add a little fun to your next party or location.

If you have questions about how to protect your wall when playing darts, feel free the comment.

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